Dr. Andreas Dazert

Licence to practise since: 1995

  • Lawyer
  • Specialist solicitor in administrative law
  • Managing Partner

Dr. Andreas Dazert works in the fields of public construction, planning and environmental law, mining law and public commercial law. The main focus of his activity is the provision of legal support for urban development schemes, real estate developments and infrastructure projects. He is also able to offer consultancy services in all legal matters relating to the extraction of raw materials and to public sector organisational management. In the latter area, he represents public clients all over Germany. He also often works with federal state and local government authorities and their associated companies, SME’s and corporate groups.

Dr. Dazert is a member of various bodies and committees at employer associations in the building materials and real estate sectors. He is also involved with local government associations. The “JUVE Handbook of Commercial Law Firms” has for many years listed him as being “frequently recommended in the area of public law”. He regularly holds presentations and seminars within his specialist areas for a wide range of events organisers. He is also a prolific published author who has co-written a number of highly regarded commentaries on the Federal Mining Act, on the State Building Regulations of the Rhineland Palatinate and on Rhineland Palatinate municipal and district constitution law.