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Public sector and public sector companies

Our comprehensive expertise in the fields of administrative and commercial law means that we are able to offer help and support right across the board to all public bodies and their associated companies. These services extend to encompass representation before all national courts as well as at the European General Court and the European Court of Justice.

  • Authorities benefit from the wealth of experience we are able to offer in local government law and municipal budget law. We advise on levies such as the contributions residents and businesses are required to make towards development and improvement works and on fees charged for connections to the utilities grid.
  • We guide and support planning authorities in all matters relating to planning law. Areas covered here include urban development planning, the planning of infrastructure projects and plan approval procedures.
  • In the field of public commercial law, we advise municipal councils and local district authorities on the establishment of in-house operations, special-purpose associations, institutions and companies governed by civil law. We also provide guidance on the day-to-day running of such bodies and on any amendments to their status.
  • We also work in the area of public transport law, where we act as a contact partner for the relevant authorities/providers and for the transport companies themselves.
  • Key public services also benefit from the wide-ranging experience we are able to offer in police and public order law, in trade and industrial law, in the law regarding licensed premises, in the law governing the craft trades, in state liability law, in the law relating to the protection of historical buildings and monuments, in employment law in the public sector and in civil service law including the disciplinary code applicable to state workers.
  • We are able to find sustainable solutions to the increasing requirements public administration bodies are facing under data protection law.

Contact partners

Lawyers and specialist solicitors working in the Public Sector Practice Group are organised along interdisciplinary lines in accordance with their individual remit. They all possess proven legal expertise and have detailed knowledge of the particular administrative and commercial characteristics of the relevant field of consultancy. This collaboration between the different disciplines allows project support to be delivered from “a single source”.

In order to take care of your legal interests in the best possible way, we also make use of our network of external consultants and experts when appropriate and necessary. In the event of a dispute, we will represent you in all court proceedings including in cases that are referred to the European Court of Justice.