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Planning, construction, real estate

All the phases of the life cycle of a property – planning, project realisation, use and marketing and the ultimate sale of the building – are capable of generating a series of tough challenges for the parties involved. Whenever there is a large number of co-investors, negotiating all the ensuing interfaces, government stipulations and licensing requirements can frequently lead to conflict. Such a situation needs to be recognised at an early stage and resolved in an efficient way.

We provide consultancy services for construction and civil engineering projects on a daily basis. The members of this practice group are experts in public and private construction law. They collaborate closely to ensure that your interests are met. Our many years of experience and high degree of specialisation mean that we are able to support you in all legal matters relating to your project.

Our common goal is to bring your business to a successful conclusion!

Service portfolio private construction law

  • Contract design
    • Construction agreement in accordance with German Civil Code (BGB) and Part B of German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB/B)
    • General contractor agreement
    • Sole contractor agreement
    • Plant construction agreement
    • Architectural contract, engineering contract
    • General planner agreement
    • Developer contracts
  • Follow-up management
  • Case management, arbitration proceedings
  • Planning, control, monitoring
  • Liability and insurance at the construction site
  • Meeting construction requirements
  • Private construction law 
  • Architectural and engineering law
  • Tenancy law and the law governing ownership of residential property
  • Commercial tenancy law

Service portfolio public construction law and tendering

  • Development plans
    • Guidance in the draft planning process
    • Judicial review proceedings
  • Land apportionment
  • Expropriation and compensation pursuant to German Building Code (BaugGB)
  • Issuing and defence against preliminary building permits
  • Issuing and defence against building permits
  • Complaints from persons living near construction sites, protection of neighbours
  • Scrutiny of local government notices regarding levies payable
  • Notices regarding contributions to development works
  • Fees for road improvement works and connections to the utilities grid
  • Award of public construction contracts
    • Guidance and support for tendering procedures
    • Guidance and representation of bidding companies
    • Review procedures
  • Public construction projects
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP’s) 

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Lawyers and specialist solicitors working in the Planning, Construction and Real Estate Practice Group are organised along interdisciplinary lines in accordance with their individual remit. They possess proven legal expertise and have detailed knowledge of the particular commercial and technical characteristics of construction projects. This collaboration between the different disciplines allows project support to be delivered from “a single source”.

In order to take care of your legal interests in the best possible way, we work in well-established teams in conjunction with project developers, specialist assessors and engineering firms. In the event of a dispute, we will represent you in all court proceedings including in cases that are referred to the European Court of Justice.