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Environment, energy, raw materials


Environmental law is of immense significance at both a planning and an approval level. A project may frequently stand or fall depending on whether environmental problems can be resolved. Complexity arises because of a plethora of provisions in EU and national law which are subject to constant amendments and updates.

We advise and represent project sponsors and licensing authorities in developments such as construction projects, the erection of facilities which require authorisation under the laws relating to emissions and the execution of plan approval procedures for infrastructural and water management plants. We also assist investors and planning authorities in according due consideration to possible consequences under environmental law at the upstream stage.

  • Law governing protection against emissions, plant licensing, urban land-use planning, conflict resolution  
  • Soil protection law, contaminated sites, remediation measures, compensation claims
  • Water resources legislation, water permits, waterway construction, identification of water protection areas 
  • Conservation law, species protection law, Fauna and Flora Directive
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Environment Information Act – right to be informed
  • Waste and packaging law


In just the same way as environmental law, energy law is subject to constant changes to the general conditions by which it is governed. All market participants face fresh challenges on an ongoing basis as the provisions and the decisions made by regulatory authorities grow ever more complex.

We provide guidance on the structuring and negotiation of energy supply and purchase agreements and on the establishment and implementation of contracting projects. Legal support for PPP projects and complex tendering procedures forms a further main focus of our activities. One particular area in which we operate is the provision of assistance to local government bodies seeking to award energy concessions in a legally compliant way. This includes scrutiny of cooperation models and the returning of supply networks to the public sector. In the field of renewable energies, we support planning authorities and plant operators with all the necessary stages of the process. These services cover regional planning policy and urban land-use planning and extend to encompass project approval.

  • Energy industry law
  • District heating, water, electricity, gas
  • Grid connection
  • Energy supply and purchase agreements
  • Feed-in remuneration
  • Concession contracts, cooperation models, returning supply networks to the public sector
  • Rights of way agreements
  • Plants for the generation of renewable energies – wind power, solar energy, photovoltaic, biomass, hydropower
  • Repowering

Raw materials

The extraction of raw materials forms the basis for all private and public sector construction projects and is accorded considerable significance within the scope of regional and state planning. It also requires regular and extensive licensing procedures at the approval level. The legal regime which applies in this regard depends on the type of the raw material and the nature of its extraction.

We advise numerous companies in the mining sector on all relevant issues that arise under mining, planning and environmental law. We also guarantee a comprehensive project management approach which covers all legal matters.

  • Mining and excavation law
  • Gravel, quartz, sand, stone
  • Regional planning, urban land-use planning, plan approval procedures
  • Licensing processes under mining law, emissions protection law and waste disposal law
  • Recultivation and subsequent use

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All members of the Environment, Energy and Raw Materials Practice Group possess proven legal expertise and have detailed knowledge of the particular commercial and technical characteristics of the construction, energy and raw materials sector. In order to take care of your legal interests in the best possible way, we work in well-established teams in conjunction with project developers, specialist assessors and engineering firms. In the event of a dispute, we will represent you in all court proceedings including in cases that are referred to the European Court of Justice.