Dr. Arne Löser
Dr. Arne Löser

Dr. Arne Löser

Licence to practise since: 2004
  • Lawyer
  • Specialist solicitor in commercial and company law
  • Specialist solicitor in insolvency law
  • Certified expert in restructuring and financial recovery measures
  • Managing Partner

Dr. Arne Löser is a lawyer who specialises in the fields of company law, restructuring and insolvency. 

As a specialist in commercial and company law, he will be able to provide you with all the support you require to achieve your entrepreneurial objectives. His work is mainly focused in the following areas. 

  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Company formation, restructuring
  • Corporate litigation 
  • Shareholder liability
  • Management liability, D&O, compliance

His expertise in insolvency law and wealth of experience as an insolvency administrator mean that he is the ideal point of contact for all matters relating to corporate risk. 

  • Right way to behave when a company is beset by crisis
  • Company restructuring, restructuring concepts, clearance of debts
  • Contestation of insolvency
  • Insolvency plan, self-administration, protective shield procedure, restructuring whilst under protection from insolvency (“planned insolvency”)
  • Purchase and sale of companies in crisis and insolvency (“distressed M&A”)
  • Contracts and insolvency
  • Loan collateral

Dr. Arne Löser lectures at Trier University of Applied Sciences on the Masters course in “Insolvency law and reorganisation procedures”. He regularly publishes papers on topics related to company and insolvency law. 

He is a Board Member of the Koblenz Bar Association and a member of the Cologne Insolvency Law Committee. He also sits on the Commercial and Company Law and Insolvency Law and Restructuring Working Groups at the German Bar Association. 

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Zertifizierte Insolvenzsachbearbeiterin (RWS)

Zertifizierte Anfechtungsassistentin in der Insolvenz (RWS)

Zertifizierte Sachbearbeiterin Unternehmensinsolvenzen (RWS)

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