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Health market and medicine

Health legislation is an interdisciplinary legal field. Highly complex rules, laws and general conditions require consideration to be given to the precise requirements profile of the client and the mandate. We specialise in contributing to your entrepreneurial and professional success. Our experts are available to answer any questions and needs you may have.

  • Tendering and award of major contracts
  • Privatisation of hospitals, support for hospitals and design of relevant contracts
  • Drafting of contracts for research and development cooperation agreements
  • Design of manufacturers’ agreements
  • Drug advertising law
  • Licensing and out-licensing, registration purchases
  • Development of national and international patent and brand strategies
  • Medical liability
  • Professional and remuneration law for doctors and dispensing chemists
  • Law governing contracted doctors (and dentists) 
  • Pharmaceutical law
  • Medical device law
  • Private and statutory health insurance
  • Criminal law relating to the medical profession 
  • Data privacy