Icon Sanierung und Insolvenz

Insolvency and restructuring

We will support you in preserving your company, deploying the restructuring instruments permitted under insolvency law if necessary. We help managing directors to avoid liability risks. We can secure your rights if your contractual partners encounter troubled times. We will defend you against unwarranted demands made by insolvency administrators.

  • The right way to behave when a company is beset by crisis
  • Company restructuring and restructuring concepts pursuant to the IDW S6 Standard issued by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany and in accordance with the “Minimum Requirements for Restructuring Concepts” (MaS)
  • Management liability and D&O insurance
  • Contestation of insolvency
  • Purchase and sale of companies (“distressed M&A”)
  • Insolvency plan, self-administration, protective shield procedure
  • Loan collateral
  • Contracts and insolvency
  • Employment law and insolvency
  • Tax and insolvency
  • Real estate and insolvency