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Inheritance law, family law, asset succession

We have decades of experience in guiding our clients through asset succession situations and in processing inheritance cases.

We provide both legal and tax consultancy services from a single source.

Highly diverse sets of circumstances may arise under inheritance law. Such cases can affect both private and company affairs. Perhaps you are an heir or a beneficiary wishing to secure the minimum share of an estate to which you are entitled. You may also be seeking to put your own succession arrangements in place. The latter procedure is of particular significance when corporate assets are involved (and elsewhere in life too). These are all areas in which proactive and professional representation is vital. Inheritance is a field in which company and tax law interlock and create highly complex legal positions.

  • As an heir, you may be exposed to considerable risks. You will be liable for any subsequent charges that could be levied on the estate, even if you were unaware of these at the time when you accepted the legacy. There are tax obligations which you will need to fulfil. The administration of estates with joint heirs can be difficult in itself. But there is also a very real danger of confrontation.
  • If you are a child or spouse who has been disinherited, you will be able to assert a claim to receive your compulsory portion of the estate. You may also be able to claim maintenance payments from the heir. This is a field in which you will need to obtain and evaluate information.
  • Many varied issues must be taken into account when writing a will. The appointment of an heir is not the end of the story. Your affairs will need to be set up in a taxefficient way in order to avoid any unnecessary burdens for future heirs. If there is more than one beneficiary of the will, then any potential for conflict must be foreseen and minimised.
  • It is particularly important for business owners to draw up alternative options for asset succession. Anticipated succession – i.e. making mutually agreed arrangements during your lifetime – is a key notion here. Such an approach must take account of elements such as multiple use of taxfree allowances and implementation of a succession concept under both company and tax law as well as covering a wide range of other issues (suitable successor, orderly handover, maintenance of business continuity, pension aspects).