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Work and employment

Employment law provides a particular umbrella for the vested interests of employers, employees, works councils and trade unions. Things do not always run harmoniously. We can advise you before any conflict arises. Of course, we are also on hand to offer support once a dispute has actually taken place. We never lose sight of your objective and work in a solutionoriented way at all times. Our team of employment lawyers works right across every relevant area. Specialisms include the following.

  • Contracts of employment and managing director contracts
  • Dismissals and severance agreements
  • Corporate transactions
  • Restructurings
  • Corporate co-determination
  • Company pension schemes
  • Law of collective wage agreements 
  • International employment law and deployments abroad
  • Data privacy and employment relationships
  • Representation in courts and tribunals of all instances, including proceedings against unfair dismissal
  • Proceedings for the establishment of insurance status
  • Personnel leasing
  • Employer criminal lawnis
  • Vertretung in allen Instanzen, u. a. Kündigungsschutzverfahren
  • Statusfeststellungsverfahren
  • Arbeitnehmerüberlassung
  • Arbeitgeberstrafrecht