Nicolas Neubauer
Nikolaus Neubauer

Nikolaus Neubauer

Licence to practice since: 2002
  • Lawyer
  • Specialist solicitor in employment law
  • Specialist solicitor in traffic law

As a specialist solicitor in employment law, Nikolaus Neubauer represents both employers and employees. He advises clients in particular on all matters of individual and collective employment law, e.g. on drafting and negotiation of managing director service agreements and employment contracts, litigation in connection with dismissal, transfer of operations as well as all kinds of disputes on works constitution. The practice of Mr. Neubauer also comprises the interfaces between employment law and matters of social security such as the question whether a person is obliged to pay social security contributions (e.g. a managing shareholder). Furthermore, Mr. Neubauer advises companies on the avoidance of bogus self-employment and assists clients with audits conducted by pension insurance carriers.

Besides his focus on employment law, Mr. Neubauer is also a specialist solicitor in traffic law. His practice concentrates on indemnity and liability law, especially in the field of civil traffic law. This includes the assertion of claims of parties who have suffered damage against the insurer or the defence against such claims after accidents as well as questions of recourse rights of third parties settling a damage, e.g. social insurance carriers. Legal questions relating to the purchase of motor vehicles, warranties, defence of clients in fine proceedings and in connection with traffic offences as well as driving licences complement the profile of Mr. Neubauer.