Rechtsanwälte Koblenz Bonn Mainz Stuttgart

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Rechtsanwälte Koblenz Bonn Mainz Stuttgart
Pole Position mit Martini Mogg Vogt.
Rechtsanwälte Koblenz Bonn Mainz Stuttgart
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Rechtsanwälte Koblenz Bonn Mainz Stuttgart
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MMV is on your side!

We are more than just lawyers. Our solicitors and specialist solicitors offer a wealth of legal expertise, and we are also qualified to act as public auditors, tax consultants, executors and insolvency administrators.

EN Der angesehene Branchenverlag JUVE zählt uns regelmäßig zu den besten Wirtschaftskanzleien Deutschlands.

"Dank fachlicher Breite und einer weiter steigenden Vernetzung der Praxisgruppen behauptet sie (MMV) ihre Position und fungiert für eine Reihe von Mittelständlern als ausgelagerte Rechtsabteilung."

A law firm which boasts a strong presence across the wider region –
networked offices in Koblenz, Bonn, Mainz and Stuttgart

Our lawyers based in Koblenz, Bonn, Mainz and Stuttgart are able to call upon support from our pool of experienced consultants and experts whenever necessary. 22 solicitors are currently based at our Koblenz location. Our office in Bonn houses a further five solicitors who are ready to face up to any legal challenge. Highly competent legal advice is also available from our team based in Mainz and Stuttgart. All colleagues work together as a tightly knit unit at all times.

Virtually all of our solicitors have their own particular specialism, and this means that we are able to cover every aspect of the law. The areas we operate in include employment law, banking and capital markets law, construction and architectural law, inheritance law, family law, commercial and company law, insolvency law, international business law, medical law, tenancy law and the law governing owner-ship of residential property, tax law, criminal law, copyright and media law, transport and shipping law, insurance law, public procurement law and administrative law.