Valentin Klumb
Valentin Klumb

Valentin Klumb B.A.

Licence to practise since: 2015

  • Lawyer
  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Management & Governance

Valentin Klumb mainly provides guidance in the areas of public commercial law, procurement law, EU subsidy law and administrative law. He represents municipal authorities, local government bodies, district councils and the companies which such organisations operate (public utility companies, business development agencies etc.). He also works on behalf of private sector companies and private individuals.

The principal focuses of his activities are as follows.

  • Design of and support for tendering procedures
  • Designing the financing of public companies and measures in a way which ensures compliance with EU subsidy law (guarantees, loans, grants etc.), support for processes under subsidy law
  • Guidance on the formation of or amendment to commercial companies in public sector ownership, particularly with regard to legal form under public law ( in-house operations, special-purpose associations, local government institutions)
  • Extrajudicial and judicial representation in disputes under administrative law (civil service law, public construction law etc.)
  • Issues arising under the law governing local taxes and levies

Thanks to his additional qualification of Bachelor of Arts in “Public Management & Governance”, Valentin Klumb is able to keep a close eye on the business administration dimension within which his clients operate as well as attending to their legal requirements.

Prior to joining Martini Mogg Vogt, Valentin Klumb worked for the legal company of one of the big four auditors between 2014 and 2017. In this role, he provided advice to regional authorities and the public sector companies which such organisations operate, particularly in matters relating to public commercial law, procurement law and EU subsidy law.

He is a co-author of a practical work on procurement law and of a “Guide to EU Subsidy Law”, which was published by the Ministry of Economics, Labour and House Building of the State of Baden-Württemberg. Valentin Klumb also lectures on “Water and Infrastructure Management” at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences.