Thomas Haschert
Thomas Haschert

Thomas Haschert, Mag. iur.

Licence to practise since: 2013

  • Lawyer, Masters qualification in German and foreign law
  • Specialist solicitor in employment law
  • Specialist solicitor in international business law

Thomas Haschert mainly works in the field of individual and collective employment law. He advises companies and employees on all aspects within this field and represents his clients both judicially and extrajudicially.

Further main focuses of his work include data privacy (including the GDPR, The German Data Protection Act, data protection within the employment relationship, support for company data protection officers and Compliance.

Thomas Haschert is a certified data protection auditor for the Rhineland Technical Inspection Agency. He also acts as the data protection officer within our own legal firm and is a certified Information Security Officer for the North German Technical Inspection Agency. 

As an expert in international business law, he is able to provide you with specialist advice in areas such as international commercial, contract and company law.

He spent a year in the United Kingdom as part of his law degree and studied at the University of Glasgow and at the University of Cambridge during this time.

Thomas Haschert has lectured on the following topics since 2017. 

  • DMS/e-mail archiving
  • Incoterms, place of jurisdiction, arbitration clauses
  • Designing international agreements correctly, avoiding risks
  • Data privacy – what needs to be taken into account?
  • Pitfalls when terminating contracts of employment
  • The data protection officer – necessity, rights and duties
  • Reporting obligations in the event of data breaches – a brief summary
  • The General Data Protection Regulation – a quick guide
  • The GDPR – what are the main requirements? What duties exist for companies?
  • Selected legal problems in everyday medical practice (data protection aspects)