Martin Schumm LL.M.

Licence to practise since: 2010

  • Lawyer
  • Specialist solicitor in procurement law
  • Managing Partner

Martin Schumm advises on all matters relating to procurement and public funding law. He develops innovative and pioneering tendering procedures for public sector clients all over Germany. These concepts allow effective economic activity to take place by always placing the main emphasis on the interests of the public purse. In the field of procurement law, Martin Schumm supports processes from the conceptual design stage right through to the final awarding of the contract. He draws up contracts which protects the vested interests of his clients. He acts as a strong proponent of the position of the public sector when negotiations with bidders take place, and his expertise in legal project management then enables him to bring procedures to a successful conclusion. If necessary, he is also able to represent your interests in official and legal proceedings brought before the Procurement Supervisory Committee or the Public Procurement Division of the courts. Mr. Schumm possess particular experience in the areas of healthcare and in the provision of public utilities and services (waste collection, expansion of broadband and local public transport). He develops innovative tendering concepts for these purposes, which he then successfully implements on behalf of his clients. Martin Schumm offers many years of expertise in the procurement of conventional goods and services and in the awarding of projects and construction contracts. In the latter case, he ensures that everything takes place correctly in accordance with the laws governing funding. One focus of his activities lies in highly complex tendering arrangements such as those involving technology partnerships.

He operates all over Germany in areas relating to the law on public transport, mainly advising providers on any pertinent issues that may arise under procurement and public funding law. Within this context, he recently developed an innovative open-house competitive tendering procedure for the award of sales licences. This approach has revolutionised competition in this market.

Alongside regular presentation activities and participation in numerous in-house and training events, he enjoys publishing articles relating to current topics under European procurement law. He also lectures at the Cooperative State University of Baden-Württemberg.