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Counselor Dr. Hans Vogt
Dr. Hans Vogt
Rechtsanwälte Koblenz Rechtsanwalt
Dr. Hans Vogt

Counselor Dr. Hans Vogt (until 2019)

Licence to practise since: 1979

  • Lawyer
  • Tax consultant

Dr. Hans Vogt mainly specialised in company and asset succession. He advised corporate and private clients on issues relating to tax and inheritance law and to the law of contracts and also acted for the defence in criminal cases brought by tax offices and the courts.

Dr. Hans Vogt has written numerous books. He is the co-author of “Beck’s Legal Guide on Gifts and Inheritance”, which is now in its seventh edition. “Agreements with Family Members”, part of “Beck’s Sample Contacts” range and now published in a second edition, is a further example of his co-authorship. 

The news magazine “Focus” lists him as a “recommended expert” in the field of inheritance law. He is one of a total of seven lawyers licensed in the Rhineland Palatinate to be mentioned in this regard.