Data privacy and the digital economy

Virtually no legal field has seen more movement recently that the area of data protection law. The introduction of the GDPR has significantly increased awareness of data privacy and security of information. This has also led to a rise in demand for expert guidance from lawyers who are qualified to provide consultancy services on matters relating to the GDPR. Companies and public institutions can no longer afford to neglect data protection law. Nevertheless, confusion and uncertainty frequently prevail. This applies in particular with regard to the greater rights enjoyed by data subjects, the need to appoint an internal or external data controller and the requirement for marketing to conform to the provisions set out in the GDPR. Failure to act can lead to formal warnings and high fines. Nobody wants this to happen.

In October 2019, the German data protection authorities agreed on a uniform concept for the calculation of fines pursuant to Article 83 of the GDPR. In 2019, breaches of data privacy led to the imposition of hefty financial penalties in the Rhineland Palatinate. A hospital and a telecommunications services provider were each fined €105,000 for non-compliance with the GDPR. Another telecommunications company was required to pay out the huge sum of €9.55 million.

The terms “Industry 4.0” and the “Internet of Things” are frequently used in connection with data protection, and indeed these two areas sometimes overlap. Germany is an economic location which offers enormous opportunities for growth and strong competitive advantages.

Our data protection lawyers are reliable partners for all issues relating to privacy and digitalisation. We provide sound and practically based advice to companies, public institutions and data controllers. Should you face any official or legal action, Thomas Haschert and Carola de Decker are on hand at our locations in Koblenz and Bonn to provide you with all the expertise you need.

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